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Conference Papers
Title Publication Date
Study of Effective Parameters on Barley Processing by a Steam Roller September, 2011

Effect of Spatial distribution of nitrogen element on wheat crop performance based on yield monitoring system

Abstract: A Steam roller in laboratory scale was designed and built in order to determine parameters on quality and quantity of processed barley. To evaluate rollers performance a series of experiment using split factorial design was conducted. Factors in the experiment design included rollers speed (250, 300 and 350 rpm), rollers gap (0.8 and 1.3 mm) and steaming duration (9, 12, 15 and 20 minutes) with three replications. A local barley variety was used for the experiments. Rollers were adjusted on speed and gap spacing factors first and samples were steamed at four above mentioned levels. Processing index (PI) and particle size analysis was performed using a sieve shaker based on ASAE standards S424.1 after experiments were done passing samples through the rollers. Result of experiments indicated that rollers rotational speed had no significant effect on processing index as well as on particles weight distribution. However, roller gap had a significant effect at one percent probability level. Also, steam duration had a positive effect on processing index as well as on particles weight distribution. Also, mean comparisons for steam duration indicated that no significant difference exists for 9, 12and 15 minutes periods for grain particles larger than 2.38 mm, but for particles smaller than that size and processing index a difference exists. Moreover, the least amount of fine particles can be obtained with 20 minutes steam duration.
Keywords: Barley, Steam Roller, Processing, Steam Rolling.

September, 2011
September, 2011
Development and Laboratory Evaluation of a Roller Mechanism for Sugar Cane Residue Harvesting July, 2011
Development and Evaluation of Automatic Alfalfa Hay and Straw Bale Pick- Up Mechanism July, 2011
Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Productivity of Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprises in Isfahan Province, Iran July, 2011
Determination of Forward Speed Effect on Planting Uniformity in a Sugarcane Billet Planter May, 2010
Effects of Some Cutting Blade and Plant Factors on Specific Cutting Energy of Sugarcane Stalk May, 2010
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Design, Development and Evaluation of a Billet Arranging Mechanism for a Sugarcane Billet Planter June, 2009
Design, Development and Evaluation of a Sugarcane Billet Planter Equipped with Metering Unit with Overlap Planting Pattern June, 2009
Determination of Physical and Rheological Properties of Sugarcane Residue June, 2009
Variability of Crop Properties Affected by Fertigation Distribution Pattern June, 2009
Effect of Nitrogen Fertigation by Sprinkler Irrigation on the Variability of Crop Performance May, 2008
Effect of Moisture Content and Particle Type on Terminal Velocity of Corn Silage May, 2005
Local Knowledge as a Source for Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Agriculture May, 1999
Journal Papers
Title Publication Date
Impact of Sprinkler Irrigation Uniformity on the Variability of Sugar Beet Leaf N Content May, 2010
Sugar Beet Performance Affected by Uniformity of N Fertigation May, 2010
Distribution Pattern of Selected Soil and Crop Characteristics Influenced by Fertigation May, 2009
Terminal Velocity of Chopped Corn Silage and its Separate Fractions as affected by Moisture Content May, 2007


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